MyDx Portable Analyzer

Amazing new technology to test your food, water, air, and cannabis on chemicals and heavy metals.


Have you ever heard of the MyDx Portable Analyzer? You haven’t? Well, let me tell you what this amazing product can do for you. First of, as the website states, “MyDx™ is a portable analyzer that leverages over 2 generations of patented technology developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and put to practical use by NASA.  MyDx is engineered to act as an electronic nose that is able to detect molecules in vapor.  When a sample is placed in the testing chamber of the MyDx, the sample will be analyzed using our gas flow over-the-sensor system that supports the chemical release process and exposes the chemicals that are present.” Wait… What did I just read? In simpler terms, the MyDx portable analyzer lets you test food, water, air, and even cannabis on chemicals and heavy metals.

But before we head into any details, lets see who is behind this new device, a.k.a. the creators of MyDx. MyDx, Inc. is a science and technology company based in San Diego, California. Their mission is to empower people to live a healthier life by revealing the chemicals in what they eat, drink and inhale.

Now back to the actual device. It is the first of its kind. Combined with the CannaDx, the portable analyzer lets you, affordably and accurately, identify what your cannabis is made up of. It will give you a Total Canna Profile (TCP) and lets you predict a feeling. This way you know what the strain will do for you. All of the information will be displayed in the MyDx App, which can be downloaded for free in the app store. Once you have found the strain that fits your needs, the app can also search local dispensaries for the strain, or TCP, you are looking for using its mapping feature.

The company also sells AquaDx and OrganaDx sensors. These kit allows you to test your water (with AquaDx) and your food (with OrganaDx) on heavy metals and pesticides. This way you are sure you are not taking in any chemicals that could be harmful for your body. This is all done in three easy steps:
1. Fill the sensor with the item you want to test.
2. Wait a couple of minutes.
3. Read the results.
Testing your food and water on harmful chemicals has never been easier!

The products are now available at the webshop on Get yours today and start living your healthy life with certainty, free from chemicals and heavy metals that could harm your body.