MyDx’s Onto Great Things

The semi new science and technology company MyDx, Inc. is preparing for its launch of the ECO Smart Pen in the second half of 2017. The ECO Smart Pen is a vaporizer pen equipped with Bluetooth technology. It is designed to give a better understanding to patients and consumers about their consumption habits. Keep an eye out on this second smart device that MyDx is bringing to the market this year!

So what can this device actually do? First of all, the device uses passive monitoring using Bluetooth. Once you have put in the brand name you are using, it will monitor how many times you use the ECO Smart Pen. Second, this is where YOU come into play. Using active monitoring by tracking which ailments it relieved and how many ‘puffs’ it took to reach that, you help obtain the information. Last but not least, manufacturers and doctors will be able to use MyDx Software on a private label basis to monitor and manage their respective user groups under a subscription-based model. This is done with something called SAAS (Software As A Service)

Now you’re probably asking, why does the ECO Smart Pen monitor all this. It is monitored for the use of both patients and consumers, brands, manufacturers, and doctors. Patients and consumers can manage their consumption habits. Brands can use this info to create a more sophisticated vape pen experience. Manufacturers can access this data for own product development, provided they have a licensing agreement with MyDx, and finally doctors can use the information to better manage their prescriptions.

With the Smart Pen, MyDx will tap into a multibillion dollar industry. Many psychological effects of strains are still unknown to this day and MyDx wishes to eliminate that problem with their new and revolutionary ECO Smart Pen. As the title suggest, MyDx (OTCMKTS: MYDX) is onto great things and is definitely a company to keep an eye on.


Author: fokkerbiz

Born and raised in the small but awesome country, the Netherlands. Graduated FIU and now trying to make it in this big world. If there is one thing I believe in, it is that hard work pays off.

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